JD Auto Center's 35+ Year History

Our History

Established in 1976, JD Auto Center of Brookline, MA, has become a staple of customer service, professionalism, and community. JD Auto Center has developed into the most recognized automobile service station for its quality repairs and superior management. As an aspiring business, JD Auto Center has always strived to leverage its position in automobile services. In 1982, owner John Douros reconstructed and refurbished the facility to accommodate greater capacity, while sustaining its operating measures and service quality. In 2000, expanding upon its roots of excellence in auto services, JD purchased the business property as an independent retailer and would continue to operate as such for the next five years. In 2005, with plans to further develop its retail space and service offerings, JD expanded its facility again with the launch of a certified inspection station. Most recently, as of 2009, JD formally privatized and rebranded its business as JD Auto Center, continuing to serve the community of Brookline and striving to expand upon its history of excellence for years to come.