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As of April 2013, including over fifty filtered reviews, Yelp members rated us at 4.59 out of 5 stars between 59 total reviews.

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krissy r.
4 stars on 4/5/2013
Stopped in for my inspection yesterday, knowing I needed at least one new tire & possibly lights...I met Doug in the garage, explained what I needed, he checked the tires and went to get an estimate...$235ish for both tires, was a bit more than I expected but I called around and for the tire I got it with all the 'extras' was reasonable and they could do it right away. They were fast and efficient, kept me well informed and I was out with the new tires, new license plate lights and my sticker within a half hour. I like that it's a family owned/operated business too. I shall be back!
Lia D.
5 stars on 1/27/2013
I took my 1998 toyota for the first time to JD Auto and i found that their service was the best that i have ever had. they showed me all the old parts and after i checked with other places i saw that they were the cheapest. They drove me and picked me up from my house and i found the whole staff extremely friendly and helpful. Will definitely recommend to all of my friends!
Mike P.
5 stars on 12/19/2012
These guys are as good as it gets! The BEST in the area by far. I just relocated from Buffalo NY and totally got a shitty scam estimate from the local NTB when I came in for a simple/basic tire repair. The guys at JD lifted my truck and showed me what needed to be replaced (a broken sway bar link) which NTB wanted to charge me more than double. The guys at JD (the owner and his son) personally showed me what was wrong/broken in the garage and fixed it in less than 8 hours. Moreover, these gentlemen were more than accomedating. I work a couple miles down the road, being new I really dont know too many people. John the owner had one of mechanics drive me to work and picked me up when my truck was ready. These guys are really the best, best service and at a GREAT price. Theres a reason these guys have been in business for years. outstanding.... THe SERVICE WAS EXCELLENT!!!

-Buffalo Mike-
Sanddollar L.
5 stars on 11/14/2012
I started taking my cars there a couple of years ago. The makes include Toyota, Honda and Jeep. Especially with the older cars I always got an honest opinion about what really needs fixing and what would be too much of an investment (without compromising safety). They are always extremely courteous and helpful. The turnover is fast. When I bought a used "lemon" they were helpful and negotiated repairs with the dealer directly. One time the water pumps broke on our two Camry Hybrids. Instead of just fixing them they recommended I go to the dealer to have it taken care of for free (which I did).
There guys are terrific.
Serena K.
5 stars on 10/31/2012
No question the most thorough place for servicing your car. They even found problems that I knew about but forgot to mention and offerred to fix them. That saves me a second trip, and it has happenned more than once. They explain all the charges also. Way beyond most places.
D K.
5 stars on 10/27/2012
I've taken my car here a couple of times, and they've proven to me that they will go out of their way to save me time and money. Their staff is professional and courteous, and the place is clean.
Margaret K.
5 stars on 8/6/2012
JD has been taking care of my car for a few years now and I've never had a problem. They do excellent work as per my experience and are very helpful and friendly.
Xinyuan Z.
5 stars on 7/17/2012
JD auto center is just amazing! John and Costa are very helpful in diagnosing the problem in my engine and they give me a very reasonable price! They used a long period of time to find out what happened to my A4 engine and they also print out the photo and expain to me. THey are ABSOLUTELY wonderful!
Rumit K.
5 stars on 7/13/2012
They treat you like family! John, Costa and guys are amazing, honest and hard working. They have saved me a lot of money over the years and have not found any other auto shop with this level of service. John even gave me his cell phone number when I was traveling cross country with my car in case I got any trouble and wanted a second opinion along the way!
Andrea A.
5 stars on 7/12/2012
I brought my 2006 Mini Cooper to the shop for a noisy, clanking engine... they did an amazing job fixing everything at a reasonable price. Had I gone to the dealership, Herb Chambers, I would have paid Double the cost!

The best part of JD Auto center are the people. They are passionate about their work and their pride shows through in their work. I am in the hospitality service industry (20 years including Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton hotels) and I must say this service station has EXCELLENT customer service!

When you take your car to have it serviced - you want quick, reliable, trustworthy work.
JD Auto is wonderful - they are the best.
Rob S.
4 stars on 6/28/2012
These guys are great! When they fix my car they always show me the broken part and explain exactly what they did. The consistently are pricing their services at least 40% under what I pay at the service center at the dealers. And they are very friendly..
At times, for little repairs, they may charge me nothing. You should at least try them out.
Ann F.
5 stars on 6/27/2012
John and Doug are great guys who do excellent work. I've been taking my family's cars to them for several years and have always been satisfied. They take the time to explain (and even demonstrate) what needs to be done and why. The work is consistently high quality, on time, on budget., and at a fair price. They are friendly and professional, and take pride in their work.
Doron B.
5 stars on 6/15/2012
Good people, good mechanics.
Professional, knowledgeable, reliable and honest.
Capable of thinking outside the box and improvising when necessary.
Rob V.
5 stars on 5/30/2012
I've been taking my cars to JD Auto Center for years and I've found John and his staff to be highly professional, friendly and trustworthy -- without exception. Every time I need a repair, John or Doug carefully explains what the problem is, what needs to be done to fix it and how much it's going to cost. They even show me the price they pay for the parts. When they're finished, they show me the old parts and point out what was wrong with them. I always know I'm getting just what I need (and nothing I don't).

Their service prices are excellent. Last year, I needed the rack and pinion replaced on my Toyota. I ended up paying $500 less than what my friend paid for the exact same work at his Toyota dealership. And the quote I got from John for a Saab fuel pump replacement was $300 less than the estimate from the garage in my neighborhood.

I see several people on Yelp have complained about the gas prices. The prices seem competitive with every other station in the area -- and I'm not about to drive ten miles out of my way to save a few cents per gallon. And considering the service, pricing and professionalism I've received from them over the years (more than once they've happily given me lifts to and from my home while my car was being serviced), I think JD Auto Center provides great value for your dollar.

I wouldn't consider bringing my cars anywhere else.
William C.
5 stars on 5/22/2012
There are some rather nasty and bitter comments here about JD Auto Center; I would like to offer another opinion. I don't know how they are as a gas station but as an automotive REPAIR center they are great. They were recommended to me last fall by friends in the area and I drove over two hours just to have them evaluate, diagnose and fix a problem with my engine which was preventing me from passing inspection. Please note that my regular mechanics and the mechanics at big names like Monroe, Jiffy Lube and Cole - while they diagnosed my problem - could offer no solution other than $1000 worth of new parts and repair. The staff at JD were sharp, smart, and helpful. They thought outside the box and for less than $50 I had my solution. I appreciate their professionalism, knowledge and expertise and I would use them again in a heartbeat.
Kent L.
1 stars on 4/2/2012
This is a scam. They have a big sign that advertises regular at $3.79 ("cash, self serve" in tiny print). There is no full-service price on the sign. As I fill the tank myself, the attendant grabs the nozzle out of my hand and takes over after I have put in a few gallons. I am then charged the full-serve price of $4.55 . . . . . . . . . . . . $11.00 more than the self-service price for 18 gallons.

I complained to the owner, and he made some lame excuse about how many of his customers like the full-serve at that price. ( $4.55 could be the most expensive price in town for regular at this date).

I insisted on being charged the advertised $3.79. No doubt worried about being reported to the attorney general's office, he did refund the 11 bucks.

Beware of this place!
Ousmane D.
4 stars on 3/15/2012
I recently moved back to Brookline after a couple of years in San Francisco. I was pleasantly surprise to find that there are plenty of "California" friendly people in Boston.

I was happy to realize that the nasty New England winter does not affect everyone when I took my car for repairs and oil change to JD Auto. I was blown away by their professionalism and their friendliness. The price was reasonable and the service was amazing: I got some warm coffee while I waited. Everyone said hello. In a short time, my car was ready.

I have also used them for oil change. They were efficient and programmed my car to give me reminders when it was time for the next maintenance. I would keep visiting them and totally recommend them. Whether you happened to deal with John, Costa, or any of the other guys, I had the best interactions.

For the gas, I should warn you that there is a lane for full service (obviously a little more) and a lane for self service. They have a cheapest gas in the area for self service. I happened to have used the full service lane once while it was raining and icy cold. For the extra couple of bucks, I was glad I did not have to deal with the freezing temperatures of Boston.

Overall, you would not go anywhere else once you try this place.

Enjoy the free coffee, fast and professional service and reasonable prices.
James L.
5 stars on 3/12/2012
John is actually a wonderful man. He is the owner of this station and he went out of his way to correct a misunderstanding that I had when I filled up my tank. I will try to give him business whenever I can. I hope eveyone else does too.
Seja E.
5 stars on 2/18/2012
First of all, shame on YOU yelp for hiding all of his 5 star reviews and making it appear as though he has a 2 star shop. I've been yelping for years and going to his garage for years and it is OBVIOUS what you are doing and I am sickened and ashamed of you. But I'm not here to talk about you, I'm here to talk about always AMAZING experience at JD Auto Center.

I grew up with an amazing mechanic for a Father, people would travel well out of their way just to get his opinion because he was and is still that good. I know a good mechanic when I see one and John is a fantastic mechanic. I know that when I bring my car to his garage that not only will I be getting a better deal than ANYWHERE else, I will also be driving away with a car that runs like new. He has come to my rescue so many times and you usually don't think of using the words "fair" and "mechanic" in the same sentence but I do with John. He actually hunts for the best prices and deals for parts and he does it quickly and almost effortlessly. He has a hard working, friendly staff. The garage is clean and doesn't stink which shows they are thorough with everything they do. His restroom is cleaner than most high end restaurants and his waiting room is very comfortable with a Keurig single serve coffee machine instead of an old dirty pot that's been sitting there for hours like you would find at any other garage. My point is that he pays attention to details and that is what makes him a GEM to have as a mechanic. I travel 45 minutes to bring my car to J D Auto. I bought a car that every other mechanic told me to SCRAP and he turned it into a brand new car at such a low price I actually felt bad about it! Can you imagine feeling bad about a LOW price and an EXCELLENT job from a mechanic??!! If you want to know how that feels go see John! I can't say enough about him, I'm truly blessed to have him as a mechanic. He not only saves me time and money but he gives me a peace of mind which is PRICELESS!
Robert W.
5 stars on 2/18/2012
I was just at JD Auto today again for my Infiniti, and once again John, Doug and Kostas took care of us. They totally go out of the way to explain the pricing of parts and items with you and the work with whatver budget you have and John gives you the truth and doesn't try to upsell you, but sincerely cares about your safety. Do not pay any attention to the negative reviews, because they simply do not reflect the true nature of this establishment. Honesty, Integrity, Quality. Be sure to check out the 34 other filtered 5 star reviews. Yelps new "vetting" process for reviews is biased.
Wall C.
5 stars on 2/6/2012
These guys are great. Going to an auto mechanic is always nerve racking because you have no idea what's going on, but the people here were super informative and very helpful. The turnaround time was fantastic too.
Adeline E.
3 stars on 1/12/2012
I'll give a star better than average to boost JD up a bit. I have never bought gas there or had a repair. But it's a great place to get your inspection sticker. The waiting room is very nice and the mechanic (owner?) was very friendly.
Adam L.
5 stars on 10/19/2011
I went to JD Auto Center in Chestnut Hill because water was leaking into my car and also knew I was due for some break work. When I originally called the Dodge Service Center and explained the water leak problem, they told me that it would cost $150 just to diagnose! JD's explained the issue to me and how it could be fixed and did so once I gave the nod.

As far as the brakes I was pretty clueless, they brought me under the lift and showed me the exact shape of my rotors and pads. Instead of just telling me I needed all new everything, they only replaced what needed to be.

Not only are John and his team friendly and extremely knowledgeable, but honest and that can be hard to find sometimes. Oh ya, and the price was fantastic.

I'll definitely be back. Thanks guys!
jennifer b.
5 stars on 9/24/2011
i find t so convenient that "YELP" has randomly chosen to only show bad reviews after the owner declined to buy one of their ad spaces. notice it says "31 filtered" at the bottom. all the good reviews are hidden here until the owner agrees to by add space! notice how the reviews are not chronological. Buyer be ware!
Brian P.
5 stars on 9/3/2011
This is the first time I've yelped, but think John and the folks at JD deserve a shout out for all the work they've done for me over the past year-and-a-half.

They've made me a loyal customer, and I see now that not all the good stuff makes it into the final tally here, so I thought I'd hop on and say that I trust these guys to do a good job and be fair on pricing.

Simply put, I have a problem car...difficult to work on, and poorly engineered. I knew this going in, and the team at JD has been not only helpful getting work done, but have always been sympathetic to my plight by working with me on price, and also helping with recommendations...they are very knowledgeable.

I get the impression every time that John, the owner, prides himself on doing great work, and also is always painfully concerned with being fair.

The pride they take in their work is reflected, I think, in the way they keep their shop...ask about the renovations they've done there, if you have some time, and John is happy to tell you about all the work to make the place beautiful...the artwork, the stucco.

I know, not what you go for a mechanic for, but I'd stress the pride they take in doing a good job across the board, and frankly I'm glad to find a small business man with good values I can trust moving forward.
Mark C.
5 stars on 8/20/2011
I moved to the Boston area three and a half years ago.
I searched for someone to maintain my S class Mercedes Benz; someone I could trust who was honest and did quality work.
I found JD Auto Center in Chestnut Hill. John and his Team have treated me and my automobile as if we were members of his own family. There to solve any problem big or small at a moment's notice. I have been so pleased with their work and their ability to get the job done in a timely manner, my father now brings his S class down from New Hampshire to have Johns team work on his car.
Carter C.
5 stars on 8/13/2011
My family and I have been having our cars serviced by John and Doug for years now. They're both scrupulously honest and thorough and have taken excellent care of our cars, without which one in particular probably wouldn't have survived nearly this long. It's my impression that some negative reviews here are based on one-off experiences but as a longstanding customer I have nothing but good things to say. It's a great spot run by an upstanding bunch of guys, you should give them your business with confidence.
G T.
5 stars on 8/1/2011
JD provides an excellent service. I bring my car there for every service. The prices and the service are better than going to the dealer. My car just needed to add some fluid on transmission when at the dealer they would have changed the transmission and who knows what else for a bigger price. The car run perfectly i will continue to service my car at JD. It is an excellent auto center.
John F.
5 stars on 8/1/2011
JD Auto is the only place I would bring my car! I have been bringing my car to JD Auto for the last six years and every time I go I am treated like part of the family. Jon Douros the owner is the type of person you want to deal with when you're talking car repairs. He is very honest and will save you money by telling you what you actually need repaired. Lola over hear who rated him at one star must have too many cats JD rules!
J. Field
Brittany S.
5 stars on 8/1/2011
JD Auto is fabulous!! I have been there now a couple of times for car repairs and service and they do an excellent job. Plus they have the cheapest gas around so I always fill up there when I need to. I actually go out of my way to go fill my car up!

The owner and team are wonderful people who are there to help as quickly and as efficient as they can!

I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Michael S.
5 stars on 7/28/2011
JD Auto is the best repair shop I have been to. I have gone to Dealers, and other private repair shops, but JD is the best I have found. They find what is wrong and will fix only what needs to be replaced. For instance. I went to ' a couple of weeks ago, and thought that my front shocks needed to be replaced, which I was ready to have done. The guys at JD, went out of there way to find what exactly was not working within the shock and fixed that smaller part. This ended up saving me a large amount of money. Their focus upon saving the customer money makes ' stand out from other repair shops.They are the best. A great family run place. I highly recommend '
Al B.
5 stars on 7/28/2011
I live nearby and come to JD Auto practically for all mechanicals problems with my car. The owners are very knowledgeable and professional, saved me a lot of time and money. Would definitely continue to use their services and expertise.
Lola C.
1 stars on 7/26/2011
This place is so conveniently located, but I would rather drive out of my way than go here again. Twice I have paid cash for my gas (cheaper price) and BOTH times they 'forgot' to set the price correctly. If I hadn't paid attention I would have never noticed. If it happened once I would chalk it up to human error, but it seems as though they know what they are doing. And, when I did notice they were actually rude and annoyed instead of apologetic. The last time I went to JD was when I needed both gas and air in my tire. It was a rainy day, there was only one other car there and the owner looked at my tires and told me not to use the air hose (which is located by the gas pump so I could have done it while filling up) because it would be inconvenient and I didn't need air (according to his eyeballing my tires) although the tire light on my car was on....and is always accurate, last time it happened I had a slow leak.

They are awful, avoid at all costs.
Jennifer V.
5 stars on 7/26/2011
Outstanding experience at JD Auto. Our 1994 Jeep wouldn't start after sitting for awhile. Based on positive online reviews decided to take the car to JD. We called to let them know that we would be having the car towed there and they said sure just bring it over. Without an appointment, they immediately started working on our vehicle, and said they would give us a call later in the day to provide an update on how everything was going. A mere several hours later, they called to let us know the car was running well and we could pick it up anytime. Wow. When we came back, we were encouraged to take the car "around the block" for a test drive, and were thrilled to find that our car now ran perfectly. They then went over the bill with us and made sure we understood everything that was done and answered any questions we had. From start to finish just a great experience that exceeded even the already high expecatations that we had (based on the online reviews). Overall, the service performed combined with the owner's professionalism, courtesy and genuine appreciation for our business made this one of the best experiences we have had with auto repair.

This is, quite simply, one of those establishments that exudes "You can trust us we'll take good care of you and your vehicle." We would without hesistation recommend them to anyone and will be taking our car there for all future work. Thank you JD Auto for the exceptional service.
Stephen B.
5 stars on 7/20/2011
JD Auto is really a fabulous place to get your car repaired. I've been using them for the last 3-4 years and have always received fabulous service and successful & fairly priced repairs.

a jeep i own was parked for 18 straight months and didn't run, turn over or show any signs of life. i towed it to JD Auto and 4 days later they had it running perfectly. The AC worked fabulously, the brakes were perfect, the engine purred - just perfect. and now 9 months later everything still works perfectly!

my first encounter with JD was to fix my Jeep AC which the dealer had fixed three to four unsuccessful times. i took it to JD and they fixed it and it's worked since - that was almost 4 years ago.

tremendously nice people, attentive service, totally fair prices - it doesn't get any better than this!

kudos to John, Kostas, and Doug.

ps - i moved from Chestnut Hill to North Andover. i still come back just to get my car serviced by JD Auto.
Mark F.
5 stars on 7/19/2011
I just picked my car up from JD for a minor service. Once again I was treated to a top notch service experience. I have been going to these guys for years and have had only positive experiences. Besides the top quality repairs, they are friendly and are significanly less expensive than the dealerships (I've checked and JD's quotes were often 30% less). Even though I can walk home they always offer to give me a ride when I need to leave the car. If you need to hang around while they do the work, there is a just finished waiting area. But bring something to read unless you like to read 2 month old SI's.
Josh B.
5 stars on 7/19/2011
JD Auto Center is the absolute best in the business! They have been fixing my cars for over five years and have always treated me with the utmost respect, kindness, and professionalism. I have used JD Auto Center for everything from oil changes to major repairs. No matter how big or small the need, they always give the highest-quality service and the best price. In most cases, they have even been able to complete the repair on the same day I called. In addition, they go above and beyond to help their customers. They will go pick-up parts to get the work done faster. They will even give you a ride home, so you don't have to sit and wait. I could not recommend JD Auto Center any higher. They are the best!
A k.
5 stars on 7/18/2011
It would be easy for me to write pages of praise and site examples from the last 8 years about John and Doug and the team of service professionals at JD AUTO. They care about each and everyone of their clients land treat them like members of their family! I have lived all over the country and have had my car serviced many times prior to coming back to Boston and I feel blessed that I came to them for a second opinion, after having gotten a "death sentence" from another service station. That was 8 years ago, and because of the team at JD AUTO, my car is still alive and running beautifully (over 160,000 miles)! There is never a good time for major car repairs, so they work within your budget and take one step at a time, in the most practical way to ensure safety first!

JD AUTO is the only place that you should consider for the repair and service of your car. Once you meet these guys you will know that they will do the job perfectly! You will feel confident that you are leaving your car in the care of experts and that all will be perfect when you come back to pick up your car. And if you need a ride, no problem, they will be happy to help with that too!
W. Craig C.
5 stars on 6/16/2011
Excellent service, quality, and price. They came highly recommended to me by word of mouth, and I am glad I took the advice.

This is not the standard "cookie-cutter don't fix but buy a new part and replace", but the wonderful mechanics will take apart and fix things and look for economical solutions.

I am sure I saved over $1000 compared to a dealer by working with this congenial and honest establishment.
5 stars on 6/1/2011
I have a really long history with JD Exxon/Auto Center. They are really good, my two favorite mechanics are Morris and Harry! They always tell me the truth what is going on with my car, even if i dont fix it. i believe that i have had such good luck with my cars, not because of luck but b/c of the quality of work you can find at JD's , John the owner is a good fellow.My suggestion is to try them out, it is worth it!
Ashley C.
5 stars on 5/31/2011
Despite driving past here each morning on my way to work, never have stopped in. However, this fine morning my car broke down literally in front of the entrance, across the street. Ran in and spoke with Doug, the manager, who managed to run across the street to check out my car. Within five minutes was able to provide a prelim diagnosis. Despite being busy, he said he could take me in and get the work done within the day. They managed to push my car over into the shop and start their work. John Douros, the owner, offered me a ride back to my house AND a ride back to the shop at the end of the day. I've been to a LOT of mechanics (and unfortunately dealers) and this experience left a pleasant taste in my mouth. I was treated with dignity and respect, which is very hard for a woman to find when dealing with her car. Their assessment was thorough and money-saving, and their work was fully explained to me upon return to the shop. I felt very comfortable with the entire experience, and would recommend their service to everyone.
Derrick I.
5 stars on 5/20/2011
Stumbled on JD Auto by complete happenstance a few years ago when I needed some work done on my poor old beat up Explorer, and boy am I glad I did. You couldn't ask for nicer and more honest business men, or better more reliable service at a fair price (and that is, unfortunately, rare in the auto repair business.) I just stopped in to get my inspection sticker and they welcomed me almost like I was a member of their family. Couldn't recommend JD Auto Center or John, Kosta and Doug more highly. p.s. - as someone else noted, this business is no longer called "JD Exxon", but it's the same business and the same great people running it.
Michael M.
5 stars on 5/17/2011
My wife and I have used JD a number of times now and each end every time we have throughly enjoyed the experience. Though that opening sentence must sound ridiculous for having to get a car repaired, the attitude, service and actual costs of each visit leave me with a smile on my face. These fine folks make every effort to accommodate this customer, a ride to the T when I drop the car off, turning my car around, fixed, the same day I bring it in, and a full and detailed explanation of the work that was done (which includes showing me the actual parts that were replaced when I pick the car up!). JD's is superlative in every aspect and I will continue to go to them whenever my car needs a fix.
David H.
5 stars on 5/3/2011
I first took my '99 Volkswagen Golf to JD Auto, about 2 years ago, when I was driving by and noticed that it was the last day I could legally drive my car before the inspection expired. The friendly mechanics said they could take it right away. Unfortunately, it didn't pass because there was a leak in the exhaust system.

John, the owner of JD Auto came out, explained the situation and said they'd make the repair at an estimated price which he quoted me. As all car repair estimates, it seemed high. I said no thanks and told John that I would take it to my usual mechanic. John told me that there was no way my mechanic would beat his price. I said I'd check it out and bring it back, if what he said was true. I did check it out and John and his team did the work. I saved a large amount of money and the work was done excellently and quickly. And the service was very pleasant as an added bonus.

Since then I have been back numerous times, (my Volks having over 150,000 miles on its odometer). John and his mechanics have replaced my radiator, numerous valves, switches and pumps. Every time my experience has been the same: the mechanics are extremely knowledgeable and friendly; I always feel that my car and I have the staff's complete focus from the moment I call until I leave with my car at the end of the day. And the price is always right. On a couple of occasions the "repairs" have turned out to just be adjustments and I've walked away with considerably more in my pocket than I'd expected to.

Most recently, I needed a complete brake job, front and rear. As always, I was shocked by the price quoted. At John's urging, I called the dealer to get a quote for the job. It was $300 higher thanJD's. When I called John back, he wasn't defensive about the fact that I'd shopped around, but happy that I'd seen for myself that his price was the best. They did the work. When I picked the car up at the end of the day, John insisted that I test drive it to make sure the job had been done right. Like new, the car was smooth through the breaking process - a joy compared to the jerky stops I'd grown accustomed to. It's always hard to spend money on an old car and break jobs are expensive. But the ease of mind of knowing that I'll be able to break smoothly in a tense situation down the road and thus am safer, makes the expense worthwhile. And knowing that I can count on the folks at JD Auto makes me a bit more comfortable about the expenses that I know come with owning and operating a car.

Now, in order to complete the illusion that my '99 is new, I'll have to go out and get it washed. Detailed? I don't think so.
Evan W.
5 stars on 4/30/2011
I first took my Toyota to JD Auto when living in Boston, and even after moving close to an hour's drive away from the city, have not since considered bringing my vehicle to another shop for any level of repair service. John and his team truly care about providing the best service possible, and they go out of their way to carefully troubleshoot issues and walk you through their thought process. I've been to JD for brakes, struts, tires, oil changes, and inspections, and have always felt as though I've received excellent pricing and high quality work. If you're looking for top-notch auto service from an honest group of hardworking guys you can trust, head to JD.
O A.
5 stars on 4/12/2011
I have been taking my car here for a couple of years and I'm so impressed with their service. Doug & John are very informative when it comes to the diagnosis of your car. They will keep your old car parts to show you what has been replaced. I recommend this repair shop to everyone. You can trust their honesty, good hard work and their team.
Cheryl M.
5 stars on 2/22/2011
The most honest and thorough repair facility in town! Fast, personalized service; the manager, Doug, took the time to explain everything to me clearly.

I've been to several repair facilities in Brookline (including Audy Mobil, who ripped me off and whose head mechanic is impossible to talk to, and Chestnut Motors, who will milk you for unnecessary repairs) and JD Auto is absolutely the BEST.
I wouldn't go anywhere else.

JD Auto has saved me a considerable amount of money and kept my 2003 Volkswagen Golf running smoothly.

Incidentally, they DO have the cheapest gas in town and the pumps are labelled CLEARLY.

And even if you do go to the full service pump, that's exactly what you get - full-service by a courteous and hard-working employee. They've checked my oil, washed my windshield, and have even put air in my tires.

Five stars out of five!
Laura M.
5 stars on 2/16/2011
I don't take my car anywhere else anymore! These guys are ho est, genuine, and very reasonable. After many issues with my old Volvo, I came across jd though my dad, who had been referred by a good friend and 20- year loyal patron. John fixed my dads car for almost half of other quotes, saving him a whole new car. When my car finally gave out, John was amazing in his help with my car search. My 2010 Mazda has never been anywhere but jd, and has no complaints!
Andrew P.
5 stars on 2/15/2011
I have been taking my cars to JD Auto (formerly JD Exxon) for more than 30 years. In a business where you never know what a service station is likely to tell you, I have found that, over and over again, the folks at JD can be trusted. Originally, I stopped there because of their convenient location. I soon came to realize how special they are. They are honest, extremely fair in their prices, and very knowledgeable. I wouldn't let anyone else service my vehicles. Even though I moved to New York several years ago, I make it a point to service my car with JD when I am back visiting family in Boston. They really are the best.
Christopher M.
5 stars on 2/11/2011
JD Auto are great guys. They have fixed both my Ford Explorer and Infiniti G35x and save me over $2000 over the last 3 years compared to the dealer. I have been using them for over 8 years and won't go anywhere else in the area. They always take the time to really explain the problem to you and go over the cost of the repair in detail. I highly recommend using them for not only regular service (oil changes, brakes and such), but also any type of malfunction you may have in your car. Thanks guys!
Henry M.
5 stars on 2/9/2011
Doug fixed the igniter and tire on my Lexus. He found the cheapest materials possible and walked me through the entire process of trial and error to find out what was wrong with my car. I have gone here at least three times for various car problems, and each time, I have been 100% satisfied with the service. They are friendly, honest, and good people. Highly recommend!
Josh L.
5 stars on 2/7/2011
Had some work done on my car. These guys explained exactly what they were doing and why which I felt was really important as someone who knows nothing about cars. They gave me a good price for the work they did and I will definitely be going back!
Sue A.
1 stars on 2/2/2011
Bad news. These guys are advertising "the cheapest gas around" BUT don't get FULL SERVICE as it's MORE EXPENSIVE THAN ANYONE ELSE ANYWHERE. Further the PRICE for full service is NOT POSTED.

Recently their big sign said $3.09 a gallon but FULL SERVICE charged me $3.75 a gallon!!!!

Alexandr K.
5 stars on 12/30/2010
my car was broken and they helped me to fix it . there was leaking or something wrong with oil tank anyway thank you for your help
Jules H.
1 stars on 9/21/2010
I've lived near this station for years and brought my car in many times, also my family's cars. The work has been ... fine, though expensive (though I think that was a function of their being an Exxon, gas prices have gone way down since they became JD Auto Center). There have definitely been moments where, as much as we love the guys here, we've been less than thrilled with work. I've continued to go to them out of convenience and loyalty -- but no longer.

Almost two years ago, I was hit badly by another driver, and frankly it's a miracle I was okay. I had my car towed to JD because we were very nearby and it was late, and they did the initial repair work. A few months later (no one having touched my car since JD), the service light came on in my car and I took it to the dealership, where they lifted it up and showed me the missing bolts on my wheel, the completely movable brake line (I'm no expert, but I could compare the quality of the work on one wheel to the other three that had been undamaged in my accident), and the crappy parts that had been used. The dealership told me it was pure luck that my brakes hadn't failed.

I refuse to bring my car in to JD now, and I tell other people not to, as well. It's a bummer, because I want to believe they are doing the best work they can, but after seeing with my own eyes the problems with my car, I don't have much good will left.
Vincent M.
5 stars on 1/24/2010
John and Doug have been serving the Brookline community for many years. They are my go-to guys when I need service for my car. They have saved me thousands of dollars and have taken good care of my "Sharona" I will continue to go to JD Auto Center as long as I am in the area.
Jessica B.
4 stars on 1/23/2010
I went to this place twice in a week. The first was to get my inspection done- they were friendly and fast with that and even fixed a small thing they noticed while they were at it. After that positive experience I returned to them later in the week when the heat shield of my catalytic converter fell off. Again they helped me out free of charge. These guys have obviously been in business a long time and know how to get in good with their customers. I will bring all of my repair work to them from now on.
Cheryl S.
5 stars on 1/4/2010
Woohoo! As good as it gets! John and Doug have been doing work on my 2001 Avalon since we moved to Brookline in 2007. I just had alot of work done on my car - all maintenance issues - 2 new tires, front and rear disk pads and rotors, right rear upper strut mount, both rear links and rear bushings, and left front stabilizer link. My car hasn't driven like this since I brought it home from the showroom. And that's no exaggeration. My dealings with JD Exxon have always been friendly, professional, and fair as other writers wrote: customer service like you are a Rockefeller. I also brought my husband's car to them when my husband was overseas. That car is now driving better than it has in a while. John, Doug, and Costa are always more than fair when it comes to the labor charges and have saved me a ton of money. They are a class act and have made me so happy. It doesn't get better than this at service stations.
Michael W.
5 stars on 9/18/2009
Twice these guys have come through for me big time. About two and a half years ago, they replaced my front struts for about $200 less than what the dealership would have charged. I just brought my car back today to have them look at another issue. The dealership wanted to do the repair for $1,300 and said my car wouldn't pass inspection without it. John & Doug advised against the repair because it's expensive and not really a safety hazard. They didn't charge me a dime for the labor to check out the issue and passed my car's inspection no problem. When i brought it in, Doug said to me, "Hey didn't we change the struts on that car a while back?" They remember every car that comes into their lot - shows they really car about their customers.
Dana K.
2 stars on 8/25/2009
This is just "JD Auto Center" now, no Exxon. I had was very happy taking my car here for any issue for a couple of years. Doug and John are extremely nice, patient guys who sincerely care about their service and customers.

However, John talked me into "winterizing" the car last Nov., which was $80 for something modern cars aren't supposed to need. They said they replaced the coolant, and a couple weeks later, there was suddenly a problem with the car overheating and all the coolant was gone. I trusted that the timing was a coincidence and we took it in many times, trying to get them to fix the ongoing coolant leak, but they said the source of the problem was ambiguous each time.

Finally we took the car to Arborway Auto Service Center and they said the problem was clear. $1500 later they replaced the head gasket. JD Auto Center may be good for the small things and more affordable, but don't let them up-sell you, and if you have a big problem, then you have to go to a big repair place.