Time-Tested Values Since 1976

JD Values

JD Auto Center serves its clientele with a Commitment to Excellence that encompasses our values as a leading business and community establishment. The JD Commitment to excellence stems from the relationships we have fostered over the years and the understanding and trust we have in our management, technicians, and customers.


We maintain a level of respect, courtesy, and value to all customers, taking a balanced interest in their personal and professional concerns to ensure that our services can meet their needs at all times.


We ensure all diagnoses made by our ASE certified technicians are supported by the latest and most advanced technological applications.


We identify causes, effects, and links to each case in order to identify all issues brought to us, as well as those that may serve as a threat or inconvenience to the comfort and safety of all customers.


We recognize the value of time and the necessity customers have for their vehicles, working with customers to ensure that our technicians can deliver the highest quality results in the most convenient manner without sacrificing accuracy or thoroughness.


We ensure that from our initial diagnosis to the final delivery of all vehicles, customers have a complete understanding of the issues associated with their vehicle(s), the manner in which the vehicle(s) will be repaired, the potential risks associated with not repairing the vehicle(s), and the relevant automobile parts that are associated with the final result.


We will not address your concerns or attempt to repair your vehicle unless we do so in the highest quality manner, with the highest quality parts, through the highest quality services, and at the lowest quality price.


We will not let you drive away from our facility with knowledge that we have not successfully addressed all of your needs and concerns.